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Espiritual is Rasmus Rolandsson, A Psytrance DJ from Southern Sweden based in the city of Olofström. He discovered psytrance when he visited his first psytrance event in the southern region of Scania called Base Camp.


"I will never forget it and my best memory is when Dj Connection from Connected Network send me to another space and when I came back I was stuck with psychedelic trance"

- Espiritual


He Started DJing in 2013 and have never stopped ever since. In 2015 he attended the Genesis DJ-course where he got to learn new skills and greatly improve his techniques as a DJ. after that He played at the Genesis Kickoff where he shared the stage with Internationally recognizable acts such as Interactive Noise. He also played twice at Imprognation in Malmö with artists like Vibe Tribe, Da Vinci Code and Tripnosis. His style is similar to artsist like Sonic Species, Vertical mode, Tristan, Ace Ventura, Ajja, Symbolic and many others. Espiritual has a deep understanding of psytrance and loves to create mixes of great variety and put people in a universe where they can find peace in their minds. 

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