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The mind behind the project Atongmu is Benjamin Herrera from El Salvador, based in the United States. A psytrance project that came to life in June 2012 after being exposed to psytrance music for a long time. Atongmu decided to got deeper into the music and start to produce own tracks and has since then had releases on labels such as Zombster Records (Italy) and Unimuse Records (Sweden) and has established a specific atomic sound which can be heard in all of Atongmu's music, ranging from powerful fullon tracks and smashing progressive psy alike. Atongmu has been playing in many countries across the globe, including Mexico, South Korea,  Argentina and in the USA. He has collaborated with artists such as Mothership Loudspeakerz, Icon and Paranoia and has made remixes of artists such as Empty Wheelchair. in In 2014 Atongmu released his debut album, "Chronicles of the Moon Girl" and has in 2017 released his second album, "Love Is Destructive", Both on Zombster Records. 

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