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Every Artist at Unimuse Records are having their music  distributed to the major online retailers worldwide. Among our stores are: Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Juno Download, and many more.

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Unimuse Records are focusing on digital marketing through the major social networks, music forums and digital newsletters to make sure your music is heard by as many people as possible

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If our artist are missing artwork for their release, or maybe want a logo or a website... No problem! Unimuse Records are providing all that for all of our artists that require it.

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We provide mastering for all releases on Unimuse Records when the artist doesn't have the opportunity to master their tracks themselves. Mastering is recommended in order to finalize the production of a track and prepare it for release. 

This service is also available for external clients for 25 € per track
Please contact us for more information

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