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Empty Wheelchair is Albin Appelqvist, a Swedish Psychedelic Trance project. Albin was born in 1994 to a family of musicians. his father was a very known guitarrist and arranger of music events who had worked with some of the local artists. as a child, Albin did not want to follow into his father's footsteps. he would rather work with art. but when he was 12 years old his father put a guitar in his lap and taught him how to play. in that moment, albin took the first step into the world of music. at age 13 he gained interest in electronic music and heard his first trance-album. this music caught his mind and he was comletely changed. he studied int the music school called Stage4You to learn more about the musical basics (wich his dad teached him earlier). he learned how to program, produce, write and arrange music with computers and started the psychedelic trance project called Empty Wheelchair to explore the psytrance world. this was his way to the world of music.

At the beginning of Empty Wheelchair, Albin Just played around making house and techno music with Apple's Garageband, Later he moved on to more advanced systems like Logic Pro. During that time, he had discovered a new sound when he listened to Vicious Delicious by Infected Mushroom. The sound of Psy-Trance were about to change his way of music forever. He built a studio, bought some plug-ins and produced trance music day and night for the rest of his life. At the time he was at school, many of his classmates were mostly hardrockers, metal-rockers or singer/songwriter-inspired. Albin was the only one who was truly into electronic music. But he did find some inspirations in the dubstep sound wich a few schoolmates were listening to. Now, Empty Wheelchair produces both Psy-Trance And Dubstep with influences from Jazz, Funk and soul.

Albin Is Currently Working on Empty Wheelchair's Debut Album and he is Using Logic Pro, Sylenth1, Nexus, Minimonsta and a Nord Lead 2X.

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