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PsyZIon, the artistname for Nicklas Olsson from Sweden. His love for music started back in 1988, when he at the age of 10 started to play the piano. In combination with his other big interest, electronic, he quickly re-builded a CASIO CT-380 and connect it to a C-64,this was probably the beginning for his passion of electronic music. 5 years later the first real synth, a KAWAI K4, was purchased. To this ALESIS MMT-8 sequencer was also acquired. The music he mainly listened to was techno, later he slipped into the GOA. In his early twenties he produced quite lot of music, though it tended to be most happy screwing and technical playing than making music. From 2007 onwards, he decided then again to grab the producing process. The music he created was initially melodic psytrance, but have increasingly gone to the progressive direction.


--=LFO - Cuttoff. LFO - Pitch=--

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