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Unimuse Records started out as an Idea by DJ and producer Albin Appelqvist. After being involved with several musical projects, Albin felt that he wanted to release his own music. He contacted several Distribution services that could help him get on the major digital stores. Later he decided to go even further by starting his very own record label. In 2011, Albin Appelqvist and Ebba Eskilsson founded Unimuse Records to help young, talented artists to help them take their music to the next level. Today, Unimuse Records has established themselves more in the electronic music scene, specialising in Psytrance and progressive house and have managed to build a network of artists across the globe and continues to help artists, producers and DJs reach their potential. 



Unimuse Chillout is a sublabel of Unimuse Records ment to work as a platform for chillout music. Founded by Albin Appelqvist, The co-founder of Unimuse Records and the DJ and producer known as Empty Wheelchair, The Empty project and Koala. This label is a portal for young, unestablished artist that wishes to show their music to the rest of the world. We promote and distribute most forms of Ambient, Downbeat, Downtempo and Chillout music.

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